Thursday, March 4, 2010

Season Opener

On Sunday I headed out to Snohomish to swing the axe at the Frostbite Time Trial. It was the ideal course for the big guy - pancake flat and only 9 miles out and back. El Nino prevailed with only a light headwind  and an even tempered tailwind on the homestretch. Perfect conditions.

After a good warm up on the trainer I took to the head and then to the road where I met up with Kyle, my 30 second man. It was a short conversation but long enough for him to tell me my mantra - SHUT UP LEGS. Simple, almost neanderthal, and just my style.

Earlier this year I went to Overlake to get my bloodwork done and one theme resonated out of the results - I am clearly not a doper. Hemat, test, and iron levels were all low. What was promising was that I was still pushing big watts despite these results. Spinning my head even more was later in February when I performed a lactate threshold and VO2 test and discovered that I am not Miguel Indurain's kid brother. Imagine that.

When I lined up for the start of the race I knew the top end of the field was stacked with Ian, Sam, Lang, Adrian, and Kyle. I reminded myself of the work I did this winter and that I deserved to win as much as anybody else. My goal was to go as hard as hell and when I couldn't go any harder, tell my legs to shut up and keep pushing forward.

I had no power, heart rate, or speed to look at and hold me back. I just went for it. I came across the line in 18:46 and in 3rd place - a podium placing and huge mental victory.


  1. Nice work D. You rocked that race like a hurricane. Watch out 2010.