Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WTF - The Short Of It

In February Walla Walla was positioned to be my A race. Power was up. Confidence was up. Weight was down.  I am coming to the realization that there is no way to prioritize racing. A races are those you absolutely crush, B races are those you hang on, and C races are those you are just thankful to have survived. Walla Walla was the latter. I finished but it wasn't easy.

Day 1: Hung tough until I cramped and dropped on the final big climb.
Day 2 AM: Put down respectable TT but not top 10 as I expected.
Day 2 PM: Broken spoke in crit.
Day 3: Held on until third time up big climb.

Day 4, 5, and 6: Male Cankles.

What are those you ask? An encyclopedia on the internets gives the following description:

A leg or legs with much flesh on it, usually wobbling, that has no shapely definition.

Here is an illustration:

It was a tough weekend and this injury has kept me off the bike for the past three days. Hopefully this will pass in time for Saturday's TT.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Steps Back

Every work day we have a mobile food vendor that comes to our office at 11am to sell premade sandwiches and pasta dishes. She's a closer. Wednesday's new addition: The Chicken Caesar Wrap. I was a little hesitant since earlier in the month I watched Food, Inc., which shows the art of raising, butchering, and eating a dirty little chicken all within 49 days. On one hand, I cut PETA a little slack for their action against Obama killing flies, and on the other, I wondered how many flies were once on my juicy Chicken Caesar Wrap.


After three days of sickness and a few additional days of dreaded fatigue, I am back on the mend. And it appears the illness was more likely the stomach flu than vendor food poisoning. Good news for her.

Walla Walla is this weekend and I have a lot of strength and confidence to get back before the four day event kicks off on Friday. Hopefully my form will come back around...