Saturday, March 6, 2010

Round Two: Icebreaker Time Trial

Sunday was third place. Today I was going for the win.

Over the last week, I spent eighty percent of my bike time on the P3 to get more comfortable in the position and to hopefully bring my wattage within five percent of what I can throw down on the SL2. The aero component will only change once my improvement in wattage begins to stall. It looks like I am nearly there.

No prerace ritual passes without a little self induced stress. And there is no stress like running late. In business, I am always on time. In play, I am always on the rivet. My warmup was short today and I was a little concerned with how heavy my legs felt, especially compared to yesterday. Had it been a road race I would have written it off and assumed my legs would come around later on in the day. Since today's race was only ten miles, I decided to suffer.

The course was flat and meandering with no technical sections except for a couple uneven vehicles and a cone at the turnaround at least one or two riders overcooked today. Kyle wasn't my thirty second man this week and I again opted to leave power, speed, and heart rate in the car. I didn't need any limiters to look at today. I only needed to pick off one rider after another to keep me motivated enough to tell my body what to do.

Last year I ran this course in 22:31. Today I came across the line in 21:08. Good enough for second place and another HUGE mental victory.

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