Friday, March 12, 2010

Murphy's Law

Epigrams annoy me.

After a hard two days of racing last weekend, I almost took the elevator up the two floors to get to my office. To put this into perspective, this elevator is clearly reserved for the smokers who labor over the filter of their cigarette as opposed to the effort it takes to make it to their destination. They annoy me but I probably annoy them too. What point am I trying to make here? That I need to be on my knees to get in order to get on that damn elevator. I almost got there on Monday.

Monday and Tuesday this week my coach prescribed rest days. A rest day is exactly that - not doing a damn thing except complain about how sore you are from the previous workload. Sometimes if I feel rested I will go for an easy spin on the rollers or hit up yoga class at The Ashram.

My training for the week consisted of two short stints on the inside ride rollers. On Wednesday I did 2 x 20s at sweetspot/low threshold, Thursday was lost to happenstance, and this morning I did a ramp up ride in preparation for two long hard race days this weekend.

Yes. Only two hours of training for the week and this is where the epigram, Anything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong, comes into play. The tornado that ensued at the office this week brought with it a lot of mental stress. Stress, regardless of its form, needs to be aggregated and taken into play when training. With time against me, I need to pay attention to the quality of my recovery just as I do with the quality of my training.

Tomorrow is Tour de Dung out in Sequim. I go in a little rusty but hope to still put a nail in the coffin with an podium finish. We sure as hell deserve it.

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  1. You guys will do great! I am excited to come out for my first race of the year!