Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Steps Back

Every work day we have a mobile food vendor that comes to our office at 11am to sell premade sandwiches and pasta dishes. She's a closer. Wednesday's new addition: The Chicken Caesar Wrap. I was a little hesitant since earlier in the month I watched Food, Inc., which shows the art of raising, butchering, and eating a dirty little chicken all within 49 days. On one hand, I cut PETA a little slack for their action against Obama killing flies, and on the other, I wondered how many flies were once on my juicy Chicken Caesar Wrap.


After three days of sickness and a few additional days of dreaded fatigue, I am back on the mend. And it appears the illness was more likely the stomach flu than vendor food poisoning. Good news for her.

Walla Walla is this weekend and I have a lot of strength and confidence to get back before the four day event kicks off on Friday. Hopefully my form will come back around...

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  1. You'll heal quick and will be rocking WW. Take it easy this week, fuel up and go kill it!